Executive and Corporate Coaching

Executive Mentor Coaching A recent study by Stanford Business School revealed that almost 100% of CEO’s and senior executives would like coaching to help them enhance their development. Our approach to coaching executive and senior managers is designed to provide the type of approach that helps leaders achieve exactly that: the enhancement of their development. […]

Career Development Coaching

Have you lost interest in your job? Do you dislike what you do? Do you lack career stimulation? Are you seeking a more meaningful career pathway? Are you considering self employment?   Well, you’re not alone! Our experience shows that a large percentage of people develop difficulties in maintaining momentum in their careers. Some select […]

Business Coaching and Consulting

If you are struggling with any of these symptoms, you may need help…   Is your business firing on all cylinders? Are you stressed, time poor and in overwhelm? Is staff motivation and engagement low? Are you experiencing poor cash flow, turnover issues and bottom line stress? Is your situation affecting your health? Could you […]

Training and Development Programs

In-House Workshop Training & Development Pendulum Pathways offers customised training and development programs that are available for in-house application either as stand alone workshop training or in conjunction with coaching engagements. Our programs address specific challenges commonly experienced by a wide variety of industries and organisations and are constantly being reviewed to maintain relevance and […]