Business Coaching and Consulting

Man stood outside local shopIf you are struggling with any of these symptoms, you may need help


  • Is your business firing on all cylinders?
  • Are you stressed, time poor and in overwhelm?
  • Is staff motivation and engagement low?
  • Are you experiencing poor cash flow, turnover issues and bottom line stress?
  • Is your situation affecting your health?
  • Could you use help that you can trust and depend upon?


So heres the good news! We’ve linked with clients who have all had these problems in their businesses and successfully helped them to get their businesses firing on all cylinders!


Some situations can prove more challenging than others but then again, each business is differentand your business is not the same as the next client so it needs its own remedy.


If I am struggling how will your service help me?


Many business owners are very creative, intelligent and know their market well. For this reason, they have purposely designed their business to fulfil a perceived need in the market but for some reason they are struggling to achieve this end and not quite sure why.


Well, here’s another piece of good news! We understand that business owners are smart people who also need a helping hand from time to time. This might be to gain clarity around the issues that are holding them back or to develop a different approach to simply have an experienced qualified mentor help them navigate through troubled waters.


If I accept the help, does this mean I have to do things your way?


Definitely not! From a practical standpoint, we dont impose any preconceived ideas on how you should or shouldnt do things. Instead, we will listen to you, collaborate with you and work to eliminate bad choices and implement better ones. We work together to find the best pathway forward in a collaborative not prescriptive spirit. It is a process of learning and a joining of hands to build the business you’ve always wanted.


So how does this happen?


Well, we have a tried and tested approach to helping clients build successful businesses and will share this with you if you would like to explore potential synergy together. Our approach has been utilised with clients emanating from a wide variety of industries some of which have been listed below.


If you have not worked with my industry is this a negative to helping my business?
Absolutely not! The fundamentals of good business building practice are common to most businesses and in fact, it can actually work in your favour to explore using someone not attached to your industry as you will receive a fully independent unbiased viewpoint. This can be absolutely essential to the success of your business. In addition, a second opinion or viewpoint is always advisable so don’t let that issue hold you back.


We consider that the most important aspect of a consulting or coaching relationship is the synergy between the parties: the ability to work together to achieve the results you seek. We consider that this is arguably the single most important aspect in determining your success.


Can you list some of the industries and businesses with which you have worked?


Absolutely! We think it is useful for you to be aware of the wide variety of industries within which we have have experienced successful consulting and coaching relationships. These include…


  • Direct marketing conference, seminar and event management
  • Professionals in organisations and private practice architecture, engineering, psychology, quantity surveying
  • Finance and accounting professionals and bookkeepers
  • Hospitality cafes, fast food and restaurants
  • Entertainment music event promotions and performing artists
  •   Travel and Leisure – travel agent, time share, holiday accommodation
  • Allied Health psychology
  • Child care day care facility management
  • Recruitment executive, management and general
  • Security household, commercial and industrial
  • Import / Export
  • Executive training executive and management across all industries
  • Pest control
  • information technology hardware and software suppliers and developers
  • Manufacturing wood and steel, bus and truck, earth moving equipment


So lets talk results for a moment


Okay, now let’s be clear about another important aspect of choosing a partner to help you build your business. In our experience, clients are not really interested in our processtheyre interested in the results we can offer and I’m sure that is the case for you, right?


We understand this because that’s what’s important to you. Well, the best way to address this enquiry is to let the clients speak for themselves.


Here are some of the things they say about us


The mandate we gave to Pendulum Pathways was to assist us develop a fresh approach to revitalising our marketing model in order to gain greater traction in the housing market in Canada. This is what we can offer in this regard….


Ron you are a champ!! Thanks for the insights and pearls of wisdom. I usually dont need help with possibility thinkingand vision though it is obvious you are a creative, thoughtful and supportive coach in every sense of the word. I appreciate the energy you have shown me here.  


My only hope would be that I could reciprocate at some stage. I will definitely be your go toguy when it comes time for you to visit the Pacific North West. I would like to someday host our little party at my vision leadership retreat and there will be a cabin there with your name on it Ron!!


George T. Gabara Principal: Barn Brothers –Homes for Horses, Squamish, Canada

Our mandate was for Pendulum Pathways to assist us implement a new business and operating model for our stressed not-for-profit organisation. Our comment is offered below…


Thank you for all you have done for the group. I hope you know how much youve been appreciated. I speak for everyone when I say we are grateful for your efforts and expertise. You guided us through an important period of change.


When we first approached you, we were struggling to cover costs. With your coaching we were able to get more focused with the result that we have structures in place that have made us a more professional group.


For the first time we are able to carry out important projects and could not have got this far without you thank you.


Kim Dowse National Treasurer: Australian College of Psychologists



Sounds promising! Can you list some of the results I can expect?


We understand that this is a big decision for you so consider the following and decide whether you can afford to miss out on these results…


  • Hone in on the exact challenges that are holding you back
  • Implement strategies and systems so you can consistently overcome your challenges and build your business with greater ease
  • Make more money than you are making now while increasing your enjoyment of the business
  • Learn time saving techniques to cut down your load and get you out of overwhelm
  • Get proven techniques that you can apply right away
  • Create new goals for your business every 90 days to focus you on the future
  • Work smarter not harder in your business to provide more time for developing strategy


Im interested so what should I do now?


If you like what you have read so far and are struggling to cope while battling on bravely, we would like to talk to you to understand your particular challenges and see how we can help you move to more positive territory.


We understand that it is not easy making a decision to involve a consultant or coach, after all, your business is your baby and no one simply abdicates responsibility for their children. However, if you are committed to appointing someone to help you, we are committed to helping you build the business youve always wanted. Now here’s something for you to consider…


What do you recommend if I continue along my current pathway?


If you continue along your current pathway and continue to do the same things in the future as you are doing now…then don’t expect a different result! If you want a different result then you have to commit to making changes and doing things differently. Scarybut true!


Someone once asked how did you build such a successful business? What is your secret? The other person thought for a moment and replied…”a ship in the harbour is perfectly safe…but then that’s not what ships were built for, is it?”


So why continue to struggle?


We would love to help you find solutions for your business…if we could do this for the businesses we discussed above, then we can do it for you.


Whats my next step?


Now all that’s left is to contact us via the contact box on the right hand side of the screen or alternatively give us a call to have a confidential chat to discuss your particular challenge…what could be easier and more cost effective? It could be the best call youve ever made!