Career Development Coaching

  • Have you lost interest in your job?
  • Do you dislike what you do?
  • Do you lack career stimulation?
  • Are you seeking a more meaningful career pathway?
  • Are you considering self employment?


Male athlete/runner running on road - jog workout well-being conceptWell, youre not alone! Our experience shows that a large percentage of people develop difficulties in maintaining momentum in their careers.

Some select a role only to discover that they’ve made a bad choice…or maybe the position started out positively but has since‘run out of steam’.

Yet again, they might have chosen a current career pathway thinking it would provide the stimulation, satisfaction and most importantly, the type of rewards they want…only to find that things haven’t worked out that way.

Some people reach a complete crisis point where they simply do not know where to turn or which direction to follow. Their ‘career compass’has simply lost the ability to read ‘true north’. Does any of this resonate with you?

Our unique approach to career development

If you have answered ‘Yes’to any of the questions above then you will definitely benefit from our unique approach to career development. Why do I say that?

Well firstly, as a boutique coaching and consulting organisation, we offer clients a process and approach that has been developed from our own personal experience of seeking answers to these questions.

We began by examining what worked and what didn’t work in our own careers and then linked the findings to develop our current approach and methodology. We have now applied our approach to our clients with positive results.

Secondly, from this extensive personal experience grew a deep understanding of the challenges faced by people seeking career development and advancement.

By applying the lessons learned our unique methods and systems have assisted clients find their best pathway forward in a deep meaningful way.

This is irrespective of whether clients were rebuilding a career, reviewing their resume, seeking new opportunities for their skills or simply brushing up on their interview skills.

Our approach is unique and aims to open a bright new pathway forward for years to come, not just simply the next role.


So what does your unique approach involve?

You may be asking yourself the question Do I really need to undertake a deep dynamic process if I am only looking for help with my resume or to brush up my interviewing skills?. The answer to this is ‘Not necessarily’.

Our philosophical approach to career development is to never impose anything on any client!

The important aspect to assisting you is to firstly understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and then work with you to formulate a sensible approach to help you achieve your goal. So, if a review of your resume is all that is required after this is completed, then that is exactly what we would help you achieve.

However, some clients are experiencing greater career dilemmas. These tend to be folks who have been in the workforce for a while and therefore present with more complex issues and require more comprehensive help. We recognise this and structure our approach and methodology accordingly.


How long will this take?

In addition to clearly identifying how we can best help you, we rarely advocate for a simple quick fixapproach to these types of situations. We regard career development as a serious matter for both our clients and ourselves and so we will always to seek to help clients in these situations with the most appropriate approach and process to move them forward in a positive and timely manner.

If you are in any of these types of situations, then rest assured that you will receive empathic, careful and well designed career help to steady the boat, provide surety of planning for your next move and remain with you until you have achieved your goal.


This sounds rather unstructured?

Each person’s circumstances are different and we are aware of this and respond accordingly to ensure your process is exactly what you need to achieve a positive outcome.

Now you might be wondering,So does this approach have a system to follow or is it totally unstructured? The answer to that question is also We most definitely follow a structure.


How long will it take me?

Our approach is grounded in our philosophy and and embraces a systematic approach which is tempered with our experience of helping clients through this process. We ensure that your process remains grounded and is defined by your goals so, only what is required from our system to help you achieve your goal is what is incorporated in every clients process.

No one wants to waste time completing processes that are unnecessary to your progress and we would never advocate this for you.

Our approach ensures that your process will not flounder but remains clearly directed and focused within the objects of your mandate.


Who are your clients?

We have assisted a wide variety of people including executives, senior managers, managers, clerical and administrative staff. All these clients had reached a point where they needed to find new, more meaningful direction in their careers; a direction that would provide renewed interest and passion in their daily professional and personal lives. Briefly, they needed a new ‘Career Compass’!

Our process will give you insight into the key aspects holding you back from achieving the kind of career development pathway you seek. Let us help you…

  • Assess your current situation and quickly establish your options
  • Uncover what skills and treasures you can offer
  • Manage your current job stress while you explore your options
  • Overcome what is holding you back
  • Create the building blocks to establish your new career pathway
  • Receive an agreed step-by-step process to ensure you achieve your goal


Im interested so what would you suggest now?

So if you are in a career dilemma and suffering any of the symptoms described on this webpage, then we would really like to talk to you to understand your challenge and explore how we can help you move forward and achieve a more positive career pathway.

As a boutique coaching and consulting organisation we understand that it is not easy making a decision to involve a career consultant or coach however, we wish to assure you that if it is our company you would like to assist you, we pride ourselves on treating every client with the utmost respect and confidentiality.


How do I contact you?

So, if after browsing through the information on this website you like what you are ‘hearing’we would love to talk to you. Why not contact us by either entering your details in the contact box alongside this page or calling us direct on 02 9969 8895 for a free confidential discussion about your particular challenge.