Executive and Corporate Coaching

a smiling group of business people in a line (shallow depth of field used)Executive Mentor Coaching

A recent study by Stanford Business School revealed that almost 100% of CEO’s and senior executives would like coaching to help them enhance their development. Our approach to coaching executive and senior managers is designed to provide the type of approach that helps leaders achieve exactly that: the enhancement of their development.

The fact of the matter is that we are aware that busy executives like you do not require ‘remedial’coaching: our focus is rather aimed at ‘enhancing high performance’ in similar style to an elite athlete. Does this resonate with you? Would you like to achieve ‘elite athletic performance’levels in your area of leadership?

So how can executives achieve elite athlete performance levels?

Our contention is that for leaders to achieve this goal they require the development of greater inner awareness. We contend that enhanced self awareness is crucial to developing great leadership skills and coaching can be instrumental in achieving this outcome. Against this background, our approach is designed to help leaders develop….

  • increased self-awareness
  • truthful and sincere self knowledge
  • a deeper understanding of their motives
  • an increased personal capacity, and
  • an understanding of the personal values that drive them

These insights are more likely to assists leaders succeed in building successful and focused organisations that grow, excel and reach new heights of personal and professional performance. This is turn allows leaders to expand their horizons and enriches them with new vision and possibilities.

The more senior you are in the organisational hierarchy

the more you are dealing with the psychological and relational issues of business. We contend that to be successful your leadership approach needs to based on astuteness about others: an advanced understanding of their emotional and strategic standpoint; what drives them in every sense of the word.

Your ability to influence those around you will rest on a foundation of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Consider this: if you are not fully aware of yourself and dont know the truth about yourself, how will you ever know it about another let alone lead them?

What are the direct benefits of executive mentor coaching?

Here are some of the direct benefits of advancing these skills and developing this awareness…

  • advanced communication skills and related abilities
  • the ability to positively influence others
  • negotiation skills that create positive outcomes
  • the ability to manage resistance positively
  • enhanced leadership ability positively influencing the bottom line
  • lead a more motivated, energised organisation

This type of personal human development commonly also addresses the complex issues related to leadership for which most executives receive little or no help.

With the modern business environment producing such challenging, robust and dynamic situations on a daily basis, we consider that it is vital to the growth of the organisation to provide the sort of help that executives and senior managers will find beneficial to helping them grow and extend their boundaries.

I am intrigued so what next?

If after browsing through this brief information you feel that our viewpoint and approach resonates with you; you feel that it may assist you or your organisation, then we would really like to talk to you with a view to exploring the topic further.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact box on the right hand side of the screen to have a completely confidential discussion about your particular challenge and explore possible synergy for helping you and your organisation.

Corporate Coaching and Consulting

The growing challenge for leaders & managers

The current robust and dynamic business climate demands that whether you are a director, senior manager or a member of the management team, you will be required to lead and/or manage intermittently while dealing with a wide variety of challenging situations on a daily basis. This means you will be required to vacillate between putting on your leadership hat at some stages and then quickly change to your management hat at others.

Most executives and managers are not equipped for the demands emanating from this perpetually interchanging role and as a result, generally struggle in one or another aspect of their role. Executives and managers soon discover that they are required to lead, impart vision, fill the role of the ‘go-to-person’for their staff, engage effectively both up and down in the organisational hierarchy, persuade and communicate effectively at all levels…and of course, most importantly, motivate and inspire those around them.

Fulfilling these requirements is a tall order by anybody’s standards and one for which most executives and managers have received little or no comprehensive training or help. It is also quite common to discover that many of these folks have never enjoyed any independent mentoring or coaching to help them build these skills yet they are expected to possess them on a daily basis.

Avoiding the global epidemic: organisational disengagement

In fact, the inability of leaders to cope with robust and challenging environments within which they find themselves today, has seen staff disengagement levels soar to new unprecedented heights around the world. At last count the average worldwide rate of disengagement is 87%! The developed world has slightly better rates which are around 70% disengagement –still an alarming statistic!

So our question to you is

  • does your organisation display the same symptoms?
  • do you sense that your fellow directors, senior managers or staff in general are really tip-toeing around you?
  • can you honestly say that everyone around you is 100% engaged?
  • do you feel that you are really hearing the truth about what is happening in your department or organisation?
  •    would you like to lead with greater ease and skill?

Well we would like to help you address these issues and improve your circumstances. You may be wondering what results oriented actions you could take to change this pattern?

What actions can I take to enhance my situation?

We are aware that you may have tried various forms of leadership development programs or perhaps even hired a coach or mentor to work with various staff members or to help address team spirit (commonly called team building). In addition you may have noticed that while there may have been improvements in some areas, little or no progress has occurred in others. Frankly, there are numerous so called ‘programs’on offer which makes it difficult for you to determine which one might deliver effective results for your leaders, managers and team.
We are dedicated to providing a unique mix of coaching, consulting, counselling and mentoring dependent upon the situation at hand. Every individual and every organisation presents with different challenges and profile. Due to the uniqueness of each organisation and each individual we advocate that individualistic approaches and solutions are developed in association with our clients to ensure they meet the needs of the organisation and/or the individual.

We tailor an approach for optimum individual results

We do not impose solutions or processes on our clients but work with them in collaboration to discover the best pathway forward. In our experience this approach produces the optimum results and generally has a positive outcome at the end of our time together.

So you may be  asking yourself, ‘So this doesn’t sound like a very structured approach so how effective is it really?’That is certainly not the case. We are very focused on addressing the key elements of the challenge so that we can measure the effectiveness of the process in terms of positively impacting on the bottom line.

Our approach to helping organisations recognise that there are common elements in most engagements however, we never prescribe a one size fits all approach. We assess, consult, confer to fully understand your challenge and the desired result before developing an appropriately designed approach for you and your organisation.

We only use gold standard tools

While we do not advocate utilising a standardised approach we are however very focused on utilising only gold standardtools and tried and tested proven approaches and methodologies to help you and your organisation. It is the combination of these that may vary dependent on your individual needs and will always be discussed before the process begins.

What challenges do you work with?

Some of the more common presenting challenges that we are comfortable to address with organisations such as yours include…

  • Motivation and disengagement
  • Managing up
  • Managing Down
  • Communicating with the top
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Negotiating for a win-win
  • Developing the executive dashboard
  • Setting strategic direction
  • Attitudes of a leader
  • Leading change
  • Time management
  • Stress and anxiety management

How effective is our approach?

Well, to address this question I would suggest that you read what our clients have to say about our approach and services.

Pendulum Pathways was mandated to help our client achieve a successful turnaround of their business and implement strategies that would enhance and revitalise the organisation

“Pendulum Pathways have provided professional services to the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists for several years. During this time Ron has offered reliable mentoring and coaching regarding the transition of the College from a small and largely ad hoc organisation toward an integrated national entity.

Specifically, Ron has coached the College with the implementation of systems, procedures and strategies aimed at improving the financial performance of the College. In particular, he has made a meaningful contribution in assisting the President’s Council members to focus on the strategic issues of the College today.

I consider Ron’s contribution to the College to be an important factor in the success of our transition.”

Paul Stevenson OAM Past National President: Australian College of Psychologists Current National President of the Australian Association of Psychologists

This testimonial was offered following a successful professional coaching collaboration that endured for some months

“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Ron Dolan in his work as a Professional Coach. I am familiar with his coaching roles with varied clients and as he evaluated and guided other coaches in their work.

Ron brings a unique ability and background to the Professional Coaching field. His Top 100 business experiences, coupled with his background as a public accountant and business advisor make him particularly suited to engage individuals in a broad range of situations and locations. His work as a Business and Corporate Mentor Coach applies the substantial experience and training that he has had.

Through my years in practicing and teaching psychiatry and psychoanalysis as a clinical professor at Baylor College of Medicine located in Houston Texas, I know Ron as one of the most accomplished professionals I have ever had contact with.

I highly and unequivocally recommend him.”

Dr. David Krueger MD CEO Mentor Path, Texas USA

I’m interested so what would you suggest now?

So, if after browsing through the information on this page feel that you align with our approach to addressing these challenges, then we would really like to talk to you to understand your vision and goals and explore how we can help you move forward and achieve your desired outcome.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact box on the right hand side of the screen to have a completely confidential discussion about your particular challenge and explore synergy for working together.